About Us


Who We Are

Systemscope is a public-sector oriented management consulting firm that has been a trusted advisor to government organizations for over two decades.  The unique challenges of the public sector organization, coupled with the talented clients we get to work with who entrust us to help them address those challenges, have defined who we are.  We collectively help public sector organizations find efficiencies and deliver better outcomes by applying our expertise in business, service and enterprise information transformation.

How We Approach Our Work

The ability to provide a service – to do something on behalf of someone else – is a very personal transaction.  At Systemscope we believe that understanding our clients is just as important as understanding the business challenge they are faced with.  The service engagement should combine quality delivery with a good experience.  The latter is hard to do without a solid client-advisor relationship.

Our approach, then, is to not only understand the business challenge objectively, but subjectively through the eyes of our clients.  Only then, we believe, can our approach and delivery produce outcomes that exceed expectations.

What Makes Us Different

Most consulting firms have a Government Practice which aims to apply services provided elsewhere to the public sector context.  At Systemscope, all of our Practices and the services we provide are built for the public sector context.  Because of this focus, we have a rich history with the public sector and its leaders.  This history allows us to better understand the challenges faced and work with our clients to address them in a sustainable fashion.