TBIPS and other procurement options

Procurement Vehicles for Government of Canada

The Government of Canada offers a number of procurement vehicles to enable departments and agencies to contract more effectively with the private sector for consulting services. Key contracting vehicles that we use most often include:

  • Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) – for procurement of skilled IM/IT individuals or teams based on mandatory and rated criteria. There are two tiers ($106K – $ 3.75M and >$3.75M) and two different procurement models: a Standing Offer (low cost compliant) and a Supply Arrangement (best value to the Crown). There must be a minimum of 15 firms invited to bid and 15 days for bid responses. Tier 1 bids are typically managed by the department while Tier 2 bids are managed by Public Services and Procurement Canada.
  • Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS) – for procurement of professional services under a Supply Arrangement to produce a self-standing, outcome-driven result.
  • Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) – for procurement of task- and solutions-based non-IM/IT work, again with two tiers and three different procurement models (task-based supply arrangement and standing offer, and solutions-based supply arrangement). Tier structure is the same as TBIPS./li>
  • ProServices  – for procurement of skilled IM/IT and non-IM/IT individuals or teams based on mandatory and rated criteria, for opportunities under NAFTA thresholds of $ 106K.
  • Temporary Help Services (THS) – for procurement of individual strategic and management consulting resources for defined tasks. The vehicle offers multiple approaches, including:
    • <$40k – non-competitive, directed procurement
    • <$100k – competitive for a single resource and can use “right-fit” selection criteria
    • <$400k – competitive for a single resource using “lowest price responsive” selection criteria
    • <$1M – Multiple resources possible and can use any selection criteria other than “right-fit”

    For THS, Systemscope is qualified for the following categories:

    • Policy and Advisory Services / Strategic Advisor
    • Technical Services (Computer Website Support)
    • Communications Services
    • Library Services
    • Human Resources Management
  • Directed Procurement / Sole Source – The Government is able to create a directed procurement for contracts under $40k in value. These contracts often use the ProServices or THS vehicle.

These contracting tools give government clients the flexibility they require to procure services. Each one has associated strengths and suit different scenarios. To learn more about these vehicles, please feel free to contact us.