Author: Andrezza Falk

Andrezza Falk has a Master’s in Public Administration from Queen’s University and has been involved in high profile projects at the provincial and federal levels of government for over 10 years. Andrezza is enthusiastic in working together with clients to create the best solution for their own context. As a senior consultant with Systemscope, Andrezza’s expertise involve business transformation, business strategy, and information governance.

Will Digital Government Kill Traditional Information Management?

Buzzwords aside, let’s get real with Digital Government. While there are some examples of digital services being offered, digital government is still in its nascent stage within the Government of Canada. As I reflect on information within this concept, I realize that the evolution of information management as a service becomes more critical: information flows will evolve; policies and institutions will have to adapt to this trend; and information risks to will have to be identified and mitigated.

Evolving information management into a service within a digital context will shake traditional information management to its core. My three cents below: read more

Connecting the IM-Business Dots

I have found that there is a disconnect between how we use information and how information management professionals talk about information to our clients, the users. This disconnect means that IM is not delivering the services that clients actually need. The key to aligning real-world information use with real-world information practice is ENGAGEMENT. By incorporating engagement – asking real users – we can do better IM. Let me show you: read more