Systemscope cyclists ride to support juvenile diabetes research

This year, Systemscope has played a stronger role in giving back to the community, sponsoring:

  • The Government of Canada’s Charitable campaign
  • Candlelighters annual golf tournament
  • Chelsea School Nursery School auction
  • The Blackburn Stingers Novice A Team hockey team

In addition, we supported two employees, Denise Eisner and Bryn Ferris, in taking paid volunteer days to participate, respectively, in a ride to support programs for kids with cancer and build a playground in an underprivileged neighbourhood in Ottawa.

Our latest instalment in giving back came last Friday, October 15, when Denise Eisner organized a high-calibre team of riders to raise funds and participate in the annual Junior Diabetes Ride to Cure Diabetes at Ottawa City Hall. The event seemed simple enough – 5 riders each taking 8 minute turns on a stationary bike, multiplied by 113 teams in total.

Out of our deep resource pool of 15 employees, Denise chose carefully and deliberately before naming her “dream team” in August. The cycling pedigree was impressive:

  • Bryn Ferris, member of every recreational sporting league possible in Ottawa, had considered riding across Canada before he joined Systemscope and thought nothing of 150-175 km rides
  • Phil Culhane, father of a figure skating champion and long-time cyclist himself
  • Denise Eisner, participant in the Rideau Lakes tour and weekend recreationalist of 100-150 km per outing
  • And me, Denis Barbeau, short-term interceptor type of guy (20-40 km) who prefers the hills of Wakefield to the flats of Manotick

My goal was threefold:

  • Raise lots of money for a good cause (we did – over $ 600 and climbing)
  • Look good (we were hot, adorned in spandex and Systemscope branding) (see photo)
  • Beat Bryn, a guy little more than half my age and weight (I did, thank you)

After our spandex-clad troupe took the warm route through the Rideau Centre to City Hall, we arrived at the registration desk. We saw hordes of participants from RBC and TD, and other teams, and listened to the sounds of Bob FM. We were psyched, amped and ready to go. Like a good field general, Denise assigned us our positions and “coincidentally” put me head-to-head with her personal trainer from another team who “coincidentally” happened to be riding in the same race and timeslot and who’s bike was “coincidentally” located next to mine.

With music blaring, pompoms pumping and team mates cheering, Bryn led off at 12:00 PM sharp, followed by me, Phil, Denise and Rob. We pushed hard and did well, accumulating well over 30 km distance in under an hour. During brief intermissions, my colleagues remarked upon a number of bank representatives smoking outside our tent. “Well, at least we’re not riding to support lung cancer research” one them caustically observed.

Feeling proud of our individual and collective accomplishments, we headed back for a well-deserved celebration lunch of drinks, burgers and club sandwiches – accompanied by salads of course.

Great job team!

Denis Barbeau is Partner at Systemscope. He finished first at this year’s JDRF event.


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