Systemscope Volunteer Day: Riding with the Tour for Kids

by Denise Eisner

I’ve done charity bike rides before, including two Boston-NY AIDS Rides in the nineties. That ride lasted three days, covered 434 kilometers and four states, and had the best support crew ever, some in drag. It was the hardest thing I had done in my life, and it represented the kind of challenge that makes you realize that your true potential lies in what you can do, not what you can’t. More importantly, everyone gets a healthy dose of the real big picture.

This year I was again reminded of the big picture on my Systemscope Volunteer Day, when I participated in the Tour for Kids, a cycling odyssey through the rolling hills north of Toronto.

Tour for Kids exists for one reason only — to help children and their families impacted by cancer. Through the generosity of sponsors, the dedication of dozens of volunteers, and the 500 riders who participate, 100% of the donations raised go directly to three camps that let kids with cancer be kids, and heal their hearts and souls toward a full recovery. The ride this year has raised more than $1.2 million, putting a lot of smiles on the faces of children and families that face the daily rigours of cancer.

The challenges faced by a young person with cancer have a strong parallel to the ride. On the ride you face many battles, some small (potholes, flat tires, road kill, rain, heat, cold) and some large (more hills than you can count, aggressive drivers, hail and lightning). There are moments when you want to dismount and throw the bloody bike into the ditch. There are glorious moments when the scenery is breathtaking and your lungs are pumping and everything is working. Then you get a flat. So it goes.

But through it all, you have the support of people around you. On the ride, I had the support of 459 strangers, dozens of volunteers and one wonderful husband. Some were riding 100 kilometers like me, others were going for 160 and the truly possessed rode 200 clicks per day. At the end of each day, we came together for our carb-rich dinner and tear-producing presentations from parents, kids and the professionals who work with these amazing kids at the camps and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

Denise Eisner finishes the Tour for Kids, August 2010

Denise Eisner finishes the Tour for Kids, August 2010

The programs supported by Tour for Kids receive no government money. Government gives the bricks and mortar health care, but the Tour is the emotional top-up that these kids and their families need to keep going. It’s a cause that demonstrates what determination, passion and a common goal can achieve, whether at work or in our personal lives.

We help people like Marisa, shown in this video. God bless her and all the 10,000 kids and their families in Canada braving cancer. You’ll see me back on the Tour next year!

Denise Eisner is a consultant in the Government Service Excellence practice. Follow Denise on twitter


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