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10 years of CanUX

In early November, Systemscope joined 500 fellow UX-ers in Gatineau, Quebec for CanUX’s 10th anniversary year. This was a welcome opportunity to meet designers from far and wide and to think critically about how design impacts our work and lives in ways we don’t always realize. The speakers all inspired us in different ways – here’s our staff’s takeaways on their experience at the conference this year:

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How do Canadians feel about trust?

Canadians have become more empowered with access to information and technology that enable them to interact with each other and institutions in new and profound ways. We have Open Government, Access to Information and Privacy online requests, and other tools that enable transparency. Services such as Uber and Airbnb allow strangers to interact to create new experiences. With this push towards transparency, I wanted to take a look at how Canadians feel about trust, are how this affects their relationship with institutions. The results surprised me: as we’ve lost trust in those in authority, we have gained trust in each other. This shift represents huge opportunities for those willing to work with – not just for – the public. read more

Government Transformation: HBR research and perspectives

As a partner of a strategic consulting firm working with the Government of Canada on major transformation initiatives, I take great pride in leading a Learning Organization, intent on researching, developing and actively sharing our intellectual property, methodologies and knowledge.

To continually challenge our way of thinking and connect the dots between our learning resources, methodologies and service offerings to our clients, I often read the Harvard Business Review (HBR), whose articles are as foundationally relevant today as they were 25 or even 50 years ago.   Recently, I was prompted to think about the state of managing in a time of change when reading a recent HBR article that claimed 83% of Public sector re-orgs fail (Making Government Re-Orgs Work April 2017).  Given the current flux related to new strategic approaches directed by the GC Policy on Results, what can we learn to enhance our likelihood of success on government transformation initiatives? read more