Kathy Roy and Ryan Gideon join Systemscope

Systemscope welcomed two new members to its team of consultants:

Kathy Roy has implemented business transformation and change management projects in complex organizations for over a decade. She has worked with major companies, both public and private, and with numerous business sectors in both Canada and the United States.

As a Management Consultant, Kathy has partnered with her clients as they sought innovative ways to reduce costs and improve service delivery. She has worked with clients at all levels and can offer both strategic and operational perspectives on business solutions. She has created and analysed detailed process maps, integrated process metrics into work activities, and utilized this information to develop powerful management decision-making tools, such as scorecards and dashboards. She has a unique perspective on how to truly effect change, as she has gained extensive feedback on all of her change implementations as an auditor. This unique insight has delivered lessons learned that she applies with all of her clients to deliver truly sustainable solutions.

As an Executive Coach, Kathy enjoys the flexibility and precision that may be applied to the highly specific business objectives of her clients. She has assessed client needs and crafted engagements to best suit them. She has the hands-on experience required to provide guidance that considers both strategic and operational requirements. Years of managing business transformation projects have afforded her the ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles, and this quality is effectively applied through her coaching.

Kathy is driven and dedicated to solving the problem at hand; she has never met a challenge too big.

Kathy can be found on LinkedIn, and reached via email at roy@systemscope.com.

Ryan Gideon is a consultant in Systemscope’s Enterprise Information Management practice. With a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Western Ontario combined with his employment history, he offers a broad range of experience and knowledge. He has worked with a number of federal government clients on various projects including electronic records disposition, preparation for implementation or upgrade of electronic documents and records management systems, and IM training and awareness.


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