New Kid on the Blog

June 25, 2012. My first day at Systemscope. The first day, I quickly came to realize, of the start of something full of potential.

I joined Systemscope – where I became their 17th employee – from a company of over 40,000 people. A company that provided me with many opportunities and enabled crucial development over the past 6 years. But also a place that drove me to realize I wanted a smaller, more team-based environment.

Before that, I worked for a company of 2000 and another company of 40. I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to different styles, teams and company sizes… and since joining Systemscope, I haven’t looked back.

The advantages of working in a small firm, especially this one, are numerous. Let me expand:

  • Hierarchy: There is none. If I have a question, concern or suggestion, I simply walk down the hallway to the partners, look across the office at my boss or turn my head to the left towards my colleague. Questions are welcome at any level and doors are always open. The 2 partners in the firm even share an office – willingly – I mean, have you ever heard of that?
  • Creativity: Because we are a small firm, we want to distinguish ourselves from larger ones by offering unique solutions. We’re encouraged to create new tools, processes or methods – or just expand upon existing ones. We can be quirky, serious, practical – no matter what, the end result is always professional and innovative.
  • Collaboration: People truly want to help each other here. If I am ever stuck on something and need an opinion, there are 16 others I would feel comfortable seeking. There’s no feeling of inadequacy because you couldn’t work through something on your own – they want us to ask for help because it makes the product better. And the office is even set up for collaboration – we have our choice of break-out rooms for informal discussions, boardrooms for more formal meetings or even just taking a seat on a cozy couch for a casual brainstorming session.
  • Intelligence: Everyone in this firm has an incredible amount of experience and integrity. There are so many diverse backgrounds – I truly believe I will continuously learn throughout my career here not only from my clients, but from my colleagues too.
  • Communication: At Systemscope, the open door policy and open communication go hand in hand. We have weekly team meetings; the partners are transparent and clear about how the business is doing and where we’re going; they engage us in decisions; and they always ask us about our personal lives. The key to good communication is active listening, and trust me; people here have it nailed down – which is also why we make such good consultants too…
  • Happiness: People come into the office in the morning with a smile. There’s an infectious spirit here – it’s positive, it’s upbeat and most of all, it’s motivating. There’s this level of respect we all have for each other and for the partners – we want to succeed not only as individuals, but as a company.
  • Opportunity… yes even in a small firm: People thought I was crazy leaving a large company for a small firm – with the assumption that I was giving up so much opportunity. But I could see that Systemscope offered just as much – if not more – because they care so much about the happiness of their people and know the value of investing in them. They urge us to find professional development courses, to work on various projects and gain exposure to the different practices areas and to move up in the company. With so much encouragement and personal interest in their employees, I actually see more opportunity here than with a large company where loyalty is not always reciprocated.

Although I could easily expand this list (considering I find myself raving incessantly to my family and friends about my new place of work), I’ll sign off knowing that over the next months, I will undoubtedly discover more advantages and have an entirely new blog to write. By then, I may not be the “new kid on the blog” anymore, but with the Systemscope team, I’ll always be “Hangin’ Tough”.

Jessica is a business consultant with over ten years of experience working in both public and private sectors. Her ability to understand the clients perspective and aptitude for problem solving has led her to deliver transformational communications, change management, process improvement and performance measurement projects. Jessica is part of Systemscope’s Enterprise Renewal team.


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