COVID-19 Specialized Offerings

Specialized offerings during COVID-19

We are immensely proud of the leadership and dedication shown by Canada’s public sector during this pandemic. The ability to quickly develop and deliver benefits and services needed by Canadians has made us even more grateful to have to opportunity to support the government’s achievements.

To continue helping the government as we settle into this new norm, we want to highlight specific areas that Systemscope can support you and your teams in managing and delivering these critical programs and services.

Three specific things that we do to help you include, but are not limited to:


Virtual workshops and facilitation

  • Facilitation of fully interactive remote workshops and meetings to brainstorm, plan, and drive towards results.

Organizational realignment

  • Prioritize your work and refocus your teams on what matters most right now.

Content design and optimization

  • Deliver critical services and information to Canadians with meaningful content and great user experience.
Over the past month, Systemscope has worked closely with clients to deliver these services, evolving with best practices, and ensuring the safety and security of your team and the content involved. If you need help in any of these areas, please contact us at We have efficient procurement options and a team of highly qualified consultants eager to continue supporting your efforts.