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Five Strategies for Moving Forward on Digital Transformation for Government

How government interacts with its citizens and stakeholders, particularly through digital channels like, is creating an opportunity to think about digital transformation in a new context. What does it mean for government to change the way it organizes, processes, engages and makes decisions about its online services and information? read more

Digital Government: Feedback from Canada’s Federal CIOs at this year’s CIO Summit

PrinciplesPhotoLast week we had the pleasure of running a session on the topic of Digital Government at the CIO Summit. In addition to defining why Canada needs a digital strategy, we talked about what needs to change for us to become digital by 2025, who should be involved in developing a digital strategy and what should be our guiding principles.

Before getting into the feedback from the summit participants, I want to reflect on what being truly digital means to Canada. Digital, like electricity before it, has the potential to change the way we run our country and will have an impact on our economy. read more