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Giving Back for Our 30th Anniversary: Systemscope Participates in Cleaning the Capital

Since 1990, Systemscope has been partnering with the Government of Canada to improve service delivery to Canadians. Over the last 30 years, we have been a leader in developing award-winning and internationally recognized projects while working with many departments, agencies, and GC jurisdictional partners in a variety of areas including service design, business transformation, content solutions, information management, change management and user experience… to name a few. Through all this, Systemscope has developed and adhered to core values that drive our success:

  1. Be Passionate;
  2. Challenge Yourself;
  3. Raise the Bar;
  4. Give Back; and
  5. Prosper and Grow.

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Reopening Our Office: Best Practices during COVID-19

Systemscope reopened its physical office this week. As of September 14th, any staff member who wanted to transition back to working in the office, full or part time, had the option to. As we prepared and actually reopened, we identified three best practices that worked well for us: good communication with the team, clear signage and flexibility.

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Working together, while we’re apart

The COVID-19 situation presents unprecedented challenges for our employees, clients, and society globally. Systemscope is working diligently to take care of its employees through steps aimed at protecting their health and safety. In turn, Systemscope management and all employees are working to support clients by working collaboratively to ensure sustained operations and to navigate new realities. We hope that you all remain safe and healthy and look forward to touching base with many of you over the coming weeks.

We have implemented full remote working practices that have been in place since March 13, 2020 to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees, associates, and clients. We also have a defined business continuity plan which includes a plan that outlines leadership roles throughout the pandemic. As such, the management team is meeting daily to ensure that staff and clients are supported appropriately at all stages of the pandemic and that critical information is being communicated.

Systemscope continues to work closely with clients remotely to minimize the disruption to their business and to help them navigate the unprecedented challenges that we are all facing through a rapid scaling of our specialized COVID-19 service offerings.

Prior to the transition to a fully remote workforce, Systemscope had been following public health guidance and had implemented the following measures:

  • All employees exhibiting fever or flu symptoms are to work from home until they have been symptom-free for 24hrs;
  • All employees that have travelled to affected areas or who have been in close contact with individuals who have been to affected are to conduct a self-imposed isolation from the office for a period of 14 days to ensure that no symptoms of respiratory ailments are present;
  • Disclosure of travel history;
  • Social distancing within the firm and with clients to minimize the likelihood of transmission;
  • Increased frequency of cleaning services and of hand sanitizing stations throughout the office;
  • Phased transition to virtual meetings both internally and with clients;
  • Increased communication to raise awareness on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19;
  • Providing accommodations for working from home by providing the necessary tools; and
  • Evaluating any work-related travel and participation in large meetings or events on an individual basis.

Systemscope continues to work closely with clients remotely to minimize the disruption to their business and to help them navigate the unprecedented challenges that we are all facing through a rapid scaling of our service offerings.

We are committed to ensuring the continuity of our services and are diligently monitoring COVID-19 developments and following government guidance on how to proceed.

10 years of CanUX

In early November, Systemscope joined 500 fellow UX-ers in Gatineau, Quebec for CanUX’s 10th anniversary year. This was a welcome opportunity to meet designers from far and wide and to think critically about how design impacts our work and lives in ways we don’t always realize. The speakers all inspired us in different ways – here’s our staff’s takeaways on their experience at the conference this year:

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