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Misinformation in the time of COVID-19 – #SlowtheSpread



“The biggest mistake any us can make in these situations is to misinform” Barack Obama April 9, 2020, Bloomberg Philanthropies, COVID-19 Local Response Initiative

We all know that misinformation is rampant during a time of crisis. Despite knowing this, I have been in a near-constant state of angst in the past few weeks because of the COVID-19 misinformation that I have seen shared via social media, texts, direct messaging, and emails. And this doesn’t even include those comments on social media sites that, as a rule, I completely ignore.  There’s no point providing multiple examples of this misinformation – suffice to say, Bill Gates did not write a letter saying that COVID-19 is a “great corrector.”  The Guardian news site recently published an opinion piece claiming that “Coronavirus misinformation is dangerous. Think before you share.” read more

Blockchain could be part of future information management solutions, but it’s not ready yet.

Blockchain is presented as a secure transaction information solution and described with words like “decentralized”, “unalterable” and “permanent”. It’s no wonder that it has piqued the interest of businesses and particularly e-commerce companies who are looking to cater through Privacy. Business wants to be able to create, edit, collaborate on and disseminate their information in a secure environment. They also want to use their business information to inform evidence-based decision making. Is it any wonder that business wants to know how blockchain can help them with these goals? read more

Will Digital Government Kill Traditional Information Management?

Buzzwords aside, let’s get real with Digital Government. While there are some examples of digital services being offered, digital government is still in its nascent stage within the Government of Canada. As I reflect on information within this concept, I realize that the evolution of information management as a service becomes more critical: information flows will evolve; policies and institutions will have to adapt to this trend; and information risks to will have to be identified and mitigated.

Evolving information management into a service within a digital context will shake traditional information management to its core. My three cents below: read more

Does a Telco Lay Fibre Optic Cables or Make It Possible for You to Order Pizza? — IM as a Service

My conversations with Andrezza Falk, a consultant with Systemscope, have challenged me to broaden my understanding of information management, and to think of it as a practice that goes beyond compliance and as a service in its own right.
What follows is a dramatized account of Andrezza’s thought-provoking questions and my sometimes less-than-articulate deer-in-the-headlights responses…

Andrezza: “Should IM practitioners think of themselves as ensuring compliance or delivering a service?” 

read more

Connecting the IM-Business Dots

I have found that there is a disconnect between how we use information and how information management professionals talk about information to our clients, the users. This disconnect means that IM is not delivering the services that clients actually need. The key to aligning real-world information use with real-world information practice is ENGAGEMENT. By incorporating engagement – asking real users – we can do better IM. Let me show you: read more

Once Upon IM: How to Tell (and Sell) the Story – Systemscope’s IM Dragons’ Den at ARMA’s Spring Workshops 2017

Systemscope Presents: IM Dragons' DenWhat IM is selling, business isn’t buying. Information Management (IM) in the Government of Canada is often viewed as a burden exercise focused only on compliance rather than building a valued partnership with the business.  Most times, the problem is the message – or the “pitch” – to make senior execs stand up, take notice, and get behind making the right investments in IM. read more